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Travel to Dominican Republic, United States of America

Travel to Dominican Republic, United States of America

Travel to Dominican Republic

Travel to Dominican Republic, United States of America

The Dominican Republic has officially opened for tourists again. Several international airports in the Dominican Republic are now again operational. There are still some small airport in Punta Cana, Puerto Plata, Santo Domingo and San Juan. The following map depicts the status of travel to the Dominican Republic. Hotels in Dominican Republic are fairly affordable.

The government in the Dominican Republic has not yet published the timetable for travel to the Dominican Republic. The majority of the international airport in the Dominican Republic remains closed due to a major hurricane. The remaining two airports may resume commercial operations later this year.

Travel to the Dominican Republic via international airport in Punta Cana takes only forty-five minutes while arriving at the Santo Domingo international airport via land takes about two hours. Traveling by road is relatively easy. However, the roads in the Dominican Republic are usually sandy and the roads in Corozol is a busy motorway road. The weather in the Dominican Republic is unpredictable, so it is best to keep an eye on the weather forecasts. For tourists, it is important to remember that travel to the Dominican Republic will depend largely on the weather. If the weather is expected to be rainy or windy, stay away from these destinations.

Airlines to the Dominican Republic offer many different routes. Airlines such as Santo Domingo Airlines offers flights to Punta Cana, Montego Bay, and San Juan. The price of each flight is highly discounted when compared to the cost of airfare to the rest of the island. Travelling to the south America from the Dominican Republic is cheaper compared to travelling to the south Americas. Some airlines offer discounted rates to passengers travelling to the past fourteen days.

Travelling from the United States to the Dominican Republic is relatively safe. The International Airport in Punta Cana is currently being repaired after several recent hurricanes. The closure of the international airport has been put into effect to reduce arrivals and departures from the affected areas. Many other airports around the Dominican Republic are also now closed.

The International Airport in Santo Domingo remains closed. It is hoped that it will re-open in late July. The other airports which had to close temporarily are the Puerto Plata (Puerto Rico), aguayo, Isabelique, Santo Domingo, and Caracas. There are no direct flights from the USA to the Dominican Republic, but you may consider travelling from the USA to one of the following four locations – Aruba, Bahamas, Jamaica, or Cancun.

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