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Travel to Liptovsk – A Unique Experience

Travel to Liptovsk – A Unique Experience

Legend has it that Mikuls (Moorhens) were a tribe of people from the Trans-Siberian region. Some say that they came over on ships headed for the ‘New World’. In fact, some say that the original Mikuls were the original settlers of what is present-day Slovakia. They migrated to what we know today as Mikulsk (Slovakia). Today, Mikuls is one of the major cities of Slovakia, famous for its rich historical and cultural heritage.

Travel to Liptovsk Mikul

Mikuls, or Mikuls as the locals call it, is the largest city in the province of Bratislava. It is also one of the most populated cities of Slovakia, housing around two million citizens at present. The majority of the population is from the rural areas. The city is well connected by highways with the capital being only 40 kms from the Polish border. The airport in Bratislava is located just north of Mikuls and offers international flights from major European destinations.

There are various travel packages to Mikuls. If you are looking for an affordable way to visit this interesting place, you can book online. One of the most popular ways to travel to Mikuls is by train. The train is the best mode of transport between Mikuls and the rest of the region. This is because it is safe, comfortable, and saves you the bother of travelling by foot.

When you travel to Mikuls via train, you will get an opportunity to witness the very authentic life of the former communist regime. The infrastructure was impressive to say the least. The architecture is such that it would give you a feeling that you are in the 1950s. There is no need to worry about security when traveling to this part of the world.

Another travel option is by car. If you have never been there before, you may want to book a vehicle rental before your trip. There are a lot of beautiful sights to see while driving through the countryside surrounding Liptovsk. Mikuls holidays in fact begin in this region of the world.

To travel to Liptovsk, you can take a domestic or international flight. You can even find a few inexpensive airlines that fly to the small village of Liptovsk. From there, you can enjoy a comfortable journey and a truly unique experience. The next time you are planning a trip to Russia, give Liptovsk a try.

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