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Several Interesting Attractions in Artemidra

Attractions in Artemida

Several Interesting Attractions in Artemidra

Artemida is an extraordinary seaside resort city in Eastern Attica, Greece. Since the 2011 municipal government reform it has become part of the municipalities of Spata-Artemida, a part of which is the Municipality of Spata-Artemida. The municipality has an area of 17. Santana is its capital city. It is located in the region of Gevalia, close to the Piraeus.

It became a port during the ancient times and was the first permanent settlement on the Ionian Sea coast. In addition to that, it had three fortified forts, Troodos Hormones and the fortress of Bakirtini (also known as the Castra). The fort of Bakirtini still exists today and it dominates a strategic point in the city. Other fortifications included the auxiliary walls (called the colonnades) built along the parapets of the outer forts.

Artemidra was one of the earliest towns on the Ionian Islands and so therefore had a very rich cultural heritage. Today, you can enjoy many fascinating festivals and events that take place in this pleasant city and attract tourists from all over the world. There are several wonderful tourist places to visit while on your journey to this delightful seaside destination.

Amongst other interesting sites, you must pay a visit to the Preaktor Hill, the sanctuary of St. Photini, and the tomb of St. Ignatius. There are several churches as well including the sanctuary of St. Barnabas. The Artemidra Restaurant offers delicious traditional Greek dishes, while the restaurant “Orioles” serves up gourmet food. You will also find several excellent bars and cafes in Artemidra where you can enjoy your trip to the islands.

If you are keen on experiencing the local flavor, then you should make a stop at the delicious Baklava Festival, which is celebrated during the month of August. Also, if you wish to experience the nightlife of Artemidra, then you should head over to the open air club called “The Casino.” This club is housed in a converted pharmacy building and is situated just a few steps from the railway station. Other attractions in Artemidra include the beautiful Market Square which is the focal point of the town square and is also the venue for numerous public performances.

To complement the pleasure that you derive from visiting Artemidra, you should also try out several interesting restaurants and eateries. There are various great eateries in the city where you can enjoy delicious Mediterranean food. The most popular eatery in Artemidra is called “Amuse Boujardin” which is situated right in the heart of the city. You can also visit “La Trattoria” which is an authentic Spanish restaurant. In addition to this, there are several other excellent restaurants and eateries in the city where you can eat out whenever you feel the need to reenergize yourself.

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