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Attractions In Jurez Mexico

In this part of the Yucatan Peninsula, Attractions in Jurez are few and far between. It is much more of a tourist destination in general with a large emphasis on tourism. This means that there are not a lot of attractions for the average family or group vacationer. The primary attraction of Jurez is the spectacular views from the beach at Playa Blanca. The Playa Blanca Resort and Spa is an established resort in Jurez that offers top-notch amenities. But while the resort is very popular, you may find yourself more interested in the hidden beaches of the surrounding area where there are fewer facilities.

Attractions in Jurez

One of the best ways to enjoy Jurez is to go on a nature trail hiking trip. You can start your trek in the morning and return to the beach by afternoon. On this hike you will encounter the sights and sounds of the indigenous peoples of the Jurez area. These people have maintained their culture and way of life for centuries and you will hear their stories and learn about their fishing, singing and dancing. You will experience the beauty of their colors, music and dances during your trip on the nature trail.

Another way to enjoy Jurez is to visit the Playa Chiquita. This sandy beach is located just off the resort area and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Jurez. Here you can enjoy a quiet day or two at the beach before heading back to your hotel. This beach is the best place to swim and relax as the sands are still cool and clear. There is no trash allowed on the beach and all sales are final.

If you enjoy water activities, then you are sure to enjoy a day of diving in the Caribbean Sea. The dive sites are varied and offer a wide variety of sea life. Most dive sites are relatively safe and easy to reach but be sure to check out the latest safety rules. You can also go snorkeling where you will see many tropical fish. Some of these fish are so beautiful that they will almost look like a picture. Snorkeling is not allowed on some dive sites so make sure you find out this before booking a trip.

One other attraction is the relay race from the Playa Chiquita to the Santa Eulalia National Park. This tour is held every July and runs along the same route as the dinosaur tour but this one goes much faster due to the high speed boats. The animals are fed, watered, taken for a viewing tour and then they are released back into their natural habitat. The winning ticket is worth a considerable amount of money so don’t miss out on this opportunity to enjoy a thrilling day of adventure and excitement. You can also rent bikes and go on the tour by yourself.

Jurez offers so much to do and see. All it takes is a little planning and research to find just the right activities that you and your family will enjoy. Jurez is Mexico’s oldest city and has been a favorite tourist destination since the 16th century. Plan a vacation to one of the best places in Mexico to visit with your family.

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