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Natural Beauty of Deryneia

Attractions in Deryneia are abundant in the region of Cyprus that is known as Deryneia archipelago. Deryneia was a prominent place for early travelers who used it as their starting point in traveling to Cyprus. It was the first point where Cyprus had big attraction because of different natural treasures. These treasures include Deryneia archipelago, the Pelion Peninsula, the Laganas River, and the Mountainous Island of Zakynthos. These attractions in Deryneia have been the reason why many travelers are enticed to travel to the area of Cyprus known as Deryneia archipelago.

Attractions in Deryneia

Deryneia is an island in the region of Cyprus that is located in the southern part of that country. It is actually located at the west side of that island, 2 kilometers from the town of Famagusta. The total population of this island is 5,754 and it is made up of a municipality because of its location since 1994. The present mayor of that island is Andros Karayaniannis.

The Deryneia archipelago has been the reason why many people travel to Cyprus in search of various interesting locations to see. There are several attractions in Deryneia that should be visited by travelers who plan to make a trip to that island. The Pelion Peninsula is one of those places. It is one of those places that is best enjoyed by water. Travelers who want to have the best time of their lives must travel to the Pelion Peninsula.

This place is said to be the most amazing natural attraction in Cyprus. There are many people who visit this place during their Cyprus trip and love to spend their days on the beach while sipping drinks of lemonade. People who are interested in surfing must try surfing there. There are also many hotels and restaurants around that offer accommodation with beach access.

Another natural location of Deryneia that is worth visiting is the Derynean Beaches. The beaches of Deryneia are some of the finest in Europe. Some of them have the highest levels of visibility with clear blue sea as the background. The island also offers several other activities such as boating, windsurfing, sailing and jet skiing among others.

These are some of the main natural beauty spots that are found in Deryneia. There are several more attractions, but you will have to visit those yourself. If you do not want to spend much of your holiday time in Deryneia, you can consider other nearby islands such as Kerkyra, Clos and Kavo Grecias. These places also have some of the best attractions in Cyprus, so if you do not want to miss anything, you should visit these places as well.

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