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Travel to Dominican Republic During the Month of Juneteenth

Travel to Dominican Republic

Travel to Dominican Republic During the Month of Juneteenth

All travel to the Dominican Republic will be temporarily or even unavailable from a number of locations. If travel is possible, there might be certain restrictions in place, so be sure to check the details below: Algeria: All international travel to Algeria is suspended. Similarly, all international air travel to Morocco, Tunisia, and Mauritania has also been suspended. Italy: All international air traffic to Andorra, Granada, and other Spanish-speaking countries is canceled. Puerto Rico: All ferries in the area are canceled.

The travel restrictions in place now are in effect from 20 Sep 2021. Currently, travelers can enter the Dominican Republic via San Juan. Travelers will be required to check in at the nearest airport before proceeding to Punta Cana. Passengers will then have to undergo customs inspection. No bags or carry-on luggage will be permitted into the country.

All international flights scheduled to depart for the Dominican Republic will be suspended from 19 Jun 2021. Updates on flights to Punta Cana will continue to be made available as they become available. No new international flights will be offered to the Dominican Republic until at least four weeks from now. Updates will also be made on flights that will be departing from and arriving in San Juan. Travel to the capital of the republic will be temporarily suspended while further assessments are conducted.

A majority of the Dominican Republic’s airports are currently closed. All land transport via air is halted. There is a ban on all vehicle rentals, and there is a ban on all car sales. Tourists will need to use taxis if they wish to rent a vehicle, as the only public transportation available is from rental services.

The majority of commercial airports in the Dominican Republic are closed. The ones that remain operational are Caguasso, Fortin de Cap Mitre, and Santaolor, all located in Punta Cana. All air traffic in the country has been suspended except for emergency operations. All domestic flights are being suspended until the situation is resolved. The Dominican Republic government has requested all citizens leave the country except those who are involved in emergency situations.

The majority of international flights that were canceled on Saturday, are currently being operated from Miami, FL. The latest updates can be obtained by contacting your airlines. The primary airport in Santo Domingo is also closed. All other airports in the Dominican Republic that were previously closed are now being operated once again.

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