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Places to Visit in Kolhapur

If you are in India then you must not miss out on any of the best India travel destinations like Kolhapur. It is an ancient town, which was a centre of pilgrimage, culture and trading for years. Today it is one of the best preserved towns in the state that offers excellent tourism facilities to visitors. Tourists from all over India travel to this town to have a look at its exciting history and various tourist attractions.

Attractions in Kolhapur

There are many places to see in Kolhapur but one of the places that you should not miss is the Mahalakshmi Temple. This is a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, the Hindu god of rains who is the king of all the Gods. In the past times this particular temple was built by the Brahmins but today it is managed and maintained by the RSS. The most interesting thing about this temple is that it is built entirely of gold and there are also lots of artifacts that are worth buying and selling during the festive seasons. Some of the other places to visit in Kolhapur are the Shri Mahalaxmi Temple, Shri Chittorgarh Fort, Shri Mahalaxmi Chhatri, Shri Shantadurga Temple and Shri Pushkar.

Another important place in kolhapur that you should not miss out on is the Shri Pushkar Fair. The fair is celebrated during the month of August and it is one of the best places for locals and tourists to buy and sell things. There are different things to be sold during these fairs like fruits, vegetables, handicrafts, clothes, wood work, metal wares and machine parts among others. Tourists and residents in kolhapur spend a lot of time at the fairs as they eat delicious food and buy some cool stuff. One of the best ways to reach the fair is to hire a car as the entry fees here are very nominal and you can reach the fair from anywhere in Kolhapur.

Shri Mahalaxmi Temple is also a must visit spot in kolhapur where devotees gather for prayers and rituals. The Shri Mahalaxmi Temple holds a significant place in the lives of people in kolhapur and this is the reason why devotees visit the temple so often. There are several interesting facts about the history of shri Mahalaxmi temple that you will surely find interesting and the entry fees for this place are also nominal. Some of the popular places to see in kolhapur include the Shri Mahalaxmi Temple, Shri Chandra Niwas, Shri Harmaloon Bagh and many more.

The other important Attractions in Kolhapur that are worth visiting are the popular places like Shri Chandra Niwas and Shri Mahalaxmi temple. It is a fact that the people of Kolhapur are fond of animals and these can be seen on Shri Chandra Niwas located near the shri Mahalaxmi temple. On the other hand, the popular places of interest in the city are the Shri Hapsur Lake where one can view many species of wild life and on the other hand, the Jain Temples and Shri Manas Temple that are visited by people of all age groups. There are various interesting facts about these temples that will fascinate and mesmerize you. Other places that are worth visiting in Kolhapur are Shri Bagmola Market, Shri Premchand and many more.

The people of kolhapur are very fond of food and they serve it to visitors from all over the country and even from abroad. If you visit Kolhapur then the best places to go for food are the restaurants of kolhapur where you can enjoy the delicious food of Maharashtra. These are the best places to go for shopping in case you are looking for some new clothes to wear or for some useful things to carry home. So, if you really want to enjoy your vacation in Maharashtra remember to explore the charm of kolhapur.

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