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Pamirs in Panj and Pleases in Pamir

Places in Panj is a travel guide to the beautiful land of Tajikistan. This land of twenty-five rivers, Panj is located in what is known as the Pamir Mountains, in northwestern Afghanistan. Tajikistan has long been a remote and seemingly quite unimportant destination for westerners. However this once great and powerful country is now slowly recovering its former glory.

Pleaces in Panj

The land of Pamirs is a mountainous region, which is bordered on all sides by the majestic Hindu Thar. These mountains are completely surrounded by the sea and are the highest mountains in the world. A perfect and thick snow blanket protects the fertile plains and small settlements on the lower slopes. These plains have been a haven for countless tribesmen and animals for many thousands of years. They have built a culture based around farming and fishing.

The Pamir Mountains is the part of Tajikistan, which is not officially recognized as an independent country. The three ethnic groups residing in this area are Chechens, Pashtun, and Turkmen. All are allowed to call themselves citizens of this unaccredited part of the country, but have no influence whatsoever over the affairs and politics of the central government. Tajikistan is a republic ruled by an iron hand, and it is largely an autocratic government with a centrally planned economy and a centrally planned population.

Tourists who visit Panj often take the time to admire the unique landscape. Pamirs offer some of the most beautiful panoramas in the world. The landscape is completely unspoiled and there are no animal droppings or wild life to be seen anywhere. It is a truly beautiful place to take photographs and to relax. Panj is a popular tourist destination for those seeking to escape the overcrowded cities of the west.

In order to see all that Panj has to offer tourists must arrange their trip and accommodation ahead of time. Traveling during the hot summer months is highly recommended, especially if you like to take long baths. Otherwise, your trip could turn into a disaster due to the high temperatures. The weather in the country is extremely pleasant all year round, but peak holiday periods are usually from May through September when the weather is perfect. Traveling during off peak times will ensure that you get the cheapest possible rates on flights, accommodation and car hire.

Planning a trip to Tajikistan is an excellent way to learn about one of the few Muslim countries that is relatively modern and has a thriving tourism industry. Tajikistan is well known for being a haven for writers and artists. The country’s capital, Dushanbe, is home to many prominent authors, poets and artists including Enver Gjeltser. You will also find a plethora of historical and archaeological sites which will fascinate and amaze you. A stay in one of Tajikistan’s traditional houses will provide you with the perfect setting to explore the rich history and culture of this stunning country.

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