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Trekking to Nu’mon Roziq – A Popular Trip For Tourists

A trip to Nu’mon Roziq is a must-do for anyone interested in exploring the Pamir Mountains. It is also considered to be a spiritual journey – one that will test your faith and open your eyes to the world. This trek goes through three villages that are part of the Tov-Kul desert. It takes about two and a half days from Irslan to Nu’mon. The landscape, vegetation, and climate are all unique and offer a different experience on each trek.

Trip to Numon Roziq

Tajikistan has a rich history that dates back to centuries. The Pamir Mountains was part of the Islamic Empire of the 16th century. A popular destination for nature lovers, Tajikistan is the birth place for Tajiks – a Turkoman people who settled in the Pamir Mountains many centuries ago.

Another way to enjoy the beauty of the Pamir Mountains is by taking a trek to the Pamir Cave. The cave, which is open to visitors, can be reached by a winding road. Some of the most popular trekking trips include reaching the Pamir River from the Pamir River via the Aktarer River Road. Hiking this route takes about two and a half days. Other popular routes include hiking through the Zanshahi Forest and stopping at various villages along the way.

Since Tajikistan is located in a very cold region, visitors who wish to experience some skiing will need to travel to Shymkent. The only challenge here is getting to the ski resort of Shymkent. The mountain lies in an arid part of the north-central Pamir Mountains. Serious skiers should head to Tajikistan’s capital of Irsharai to pursue their sport – something that not all travelers are able to do.

There are many places in Tajikistan that offer tourists the chance to trek to Nu’mon Roziq. However, the most popular trekking spots lie in the Pamir Mountains. The best places to visit while trekking include Lashtashgarh, Kairaly, Khardov and Yograj. Trekking in this part of Tajikistan is best done during the summer months. Rain is usually absent during this time.

Travellers from all over the world are attracted to the beauty found in Tajikistan. This predominantly Muslim country offers visitors a chance to explore a culture with little contact with Western cultures. As a result, Tajikistan is one of the most popular destinations for eco-tourism. The diverse landscape, rich cultural heritage and colourful landscape – coupled with a wide variety of nature trails – make Tajikistan a popular destination for eco-tourism.

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