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Pleases in Lima

Places in Lima, the capital of Peru, can be your ticket to seeing the beautiful rainforests and wildlife of the country. Lima, South America’s second-largest city, is located on the southwestern side of the country. Although its historic center is relatively intact, it is a dynamic, bustling metropolis and among South America’s largest cities. It is home to the Museo Larco – a large collection of pre- Columbian art spanning over half a million pieces. The Plaza de Armas, with its 16th century cathedral and grand central plaza, is the heart of Old Lima.

Pleaces in Lima

To really experience the rich history of Peru and to see the wealth of culture available there, you should take a trip to Machu Picchu, the ruins of which lie at the foothills of the Andean Inca range. Travelers to Peru have long known that Peru is an excellent place for historic exploration; in fact, it is regarded as one of the key places in the world where civilization stands at its greatest crossroads: between advanced and ancient techniques, and old and emerging ones. You will find no better place in which to view the hidden secrets of Machu Picchu, and to begin your trip to Peru in the footsteps of the Mayan kings.

Another top attraction that you must not miss when you travel to Peru is the renowned Museum of Peru. Established in Huancayo, a town within the boundaries of the Sacred Valley, the Museum exhibits a fascinating assortment of artifacts from throughout Peru’s past. This collection includes mummies, stone sculptures, ceramic pots, and ceramic tiles, along with a wealth of other objects that reflect the artistic styles of the Inca. If you visit Huancayo during the height of tourist season, you will find that the museum is particularly crowded – but even then it may still be worth the effort of dropping in. Other popular museums in Peru include the Chinchero Museum of Peru and the Xunantangalata Quenqing Museum.

One of the most popular activities that travelers to Peru indulge in while there is also a great deal to be said for the cuisine available there. There is something for everyone here: if you are a seafood lover, you will love this city; if you are a fan of Latin cuisine, there are plenty of wonderful restaurants where you can satisfy your taste buds. As a result, when you travel to Peru you do not necessarily have to plan your entire trip around the different regions: you may, for example, choose to explore the Inca Trail, complete with trekking poles and other equipment. You may also choose to read at the many ancient bookstores in Cusco. In short, there is a lot to do and see while you are on your trip to Peru.

While you are in Cusco, you should also make the effort to sample some of the local cuisine. At first glance, Peruvian cooking may seem quite strange – and indeed it is – but if you take some time to learn the techniques and learn the local communities’ way of cooking, you will soon realize that the flavor is pure perfection. In fact, the local cuisine may be so perfect that you may end up coming back for another visit just to sample some more. What’s more, the ancient times of Peru just happen to be perfect for experimenting with foods. So, what if you really do not like the food back home?

Of course, you cannot expect to experience the beautiful ancient times of Peru simply by traveling to the South American country; you will need to spend some time in Cusco to soak up some sun. After all, it is common knowledge that the best time to see the ancient Inca is during the dry months of the year. That being said, however, you should never fear the sun and you should always dress up for the occasion. With the right clothes and a little adventure, you should be able to make the most of your visit to Please in Lima.

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