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Places in Buffavento – For an Authentic Holiday Experience

A journey through the historical, cultural and hospitality ridden region of Valentia County, Pleaces in Buffavento provides a unique gateway to an ever-expanding range of experiences, which are tailored to suit the tastes and interests of travellers of all ages. The exquisite Pleaces de Buffavento offer some of the best shopping malls in Nicosia. The area is host to numerous cultural events and attractions including the annual’Pasikova’.

Pleaces in Buffavento

Located in close proximity to both the Archaeological and Historical Museum as well as the Central Bank of Cyprus, Pleaces in Buffavento is an ideal location to be based when touring Cyprus. With plenty of cafes, restaurants, hotels and entertainment venues, the city makes for an ideal base from which to scope out the region. With the abundance of sea beaches and the Cypriot Shoreline just a stones throw away, holiday makers in the region can enjoy a wide range of activities on dry land and at sea.

There is plenty to see and do in the resort and surrounding areas. The Velia Gorge is a picturesque narrow valley that is filled with waterfalls, water cascades and dramatic cliffs. The serene atmosphere and idyllic views of the surroundings are a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of everyday life in Cyprus.

Another popular attraction in the vicinity of Pleaces in Buffavento is the Botanic Gardens. This award winning garden was established in 1963 and aims to promote biodiversity and encourage visitors to learn about the natural environment of Cyprus. The gardens are arranged in two sections, the east section focusing on Mediterranean plant life and the west section focusing on trees and exotic shrubs. The gardens are home to a range of rare species of plants and animals and even a few endangered species.

When visiting the area of Pleaces in Buffavento, it is essential to have travel insurance. As is the case with any other holiday destinations, accidents are common in Cyprus. Tour operators offering comprehensive travel insurance cover will have the necessary insurance in place for your convenience. In particular, the area of Pleaces in Buffavento is prone to Cypriot boat capsizing as the coastal waters are often heavily populated. Tourists should not risk going without travel insurance and obtaining cover from the same provider they use for their holiday accommodation.

For families holidaying in the area of Pleaces in Buffavento there are numerous things to see and do. The area has a number of historic buildings that provide insight into the history and culture of Cyprus. In particular, the ancient Basilica San Juan de Las Aguilas provides tourists with some detailed information on the life of Saint John the Baptist. The church and cathedral are open to the public and a guided tour is possible, but be advised that due to the age of the artifacts and the size of the crowd, the visit can be expensive. Another popular attraction is the Corpus Christi Cathedral that serves as a historic monument as well as a Catholic Church. The parish church is also well worth a visit.

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