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Top 5 Attractions in Kolhapur

With its spectacular hill station and picturesque scenery, the picturesque state of Kolhapur district in eastern India has earned a reputation as the “Queen of Hill Stations”. Nestled in the foothills of the great Himalayan range, this beautiful state is often referred to as the “Golden Triangle” of South Asia. Besides being the second largest state of India, it is also one of its most popular tourist destinations. The state is home to innumerable heritage sites and tourist attractions such as the majestic Jain Temples in Bekal, a UNESCO World Heritage site; the beautiful Meghalaya Falls and the world’s third largest coral reef in the western Indian state of Borneo; the popular Kolhapur Bird Sanctuary; and the impressive Deccan Gymkhana. All these factors have contributed to Kolhapur being one of India’s best holiday destinations and most preferred family holidays.

Attractions in Kolhapur

Mumbai and the state of Maharashtra are perhaps the most commonly associated with the word ‘maharati’. However, there is much more to Kolhapur than Mumbai and the state capital. The capital city of Maharashtra is just a few hours away by road from Kolhapur and equally well worth a visit. The state’s largest city is Mumbai and stretches on to the southern tip of India. The various tourist attractions in Mumbai and the surrounding areas such as the state’s suburbs have become increasingly popular over the years and are now amongst the top choices for tourists to visit India.

Dyp City Mall: This mall is Kolhapur’s answer to the plush mall culture that pervades the rest of Maharashtra. Like all other places in Maharashtra, there is an entrance fee for entry into the mall but the mall is worth it if you want to see the variety of shops and other shops which are open during the day. The timings are generally very relaxed, especially during the week when there are no major festival and many shops remain open until the wee hours. It has a central area where all the major shopping centers are located apart from a smaller central area where all the dining and eating options are located. There are also numerous parking lots and free Wi-Fi access available at the mall.

Dream World Water Park: This water park is the latest and the most exciting addition to the various tourist places and the place has quickly become a favorite among visitors. Like all other places in Kolhapur, entry fee is applicable for entry into the park but the experience is like none other. You can enjoy lots of rides and games here which provide entertainment and fun for children and families. The timings at the Dream World Water Park are generally on alternate days of the weekends. During the summer months the timings are always on the weekend.

Lake Palace: A Kolhapur favourite and a famous tourist destination, the Lake Palace offers a great view of the lake with its several restaurants and bars. The Lake is a famous tourist spot and is well known for its amusement activities. The Lake has many amusement areas and a number of beautiful restaurants and bars. There are different timings available for visiting this lake. Generally entry fees are applicable but the entire experience is worth the same.

Museum: This is one of the best places to find rare items and the antique collections of the century long past. The museum has many interesting exhibits which have a great scope of learning. The timings for visiting the museum are generally on alternate days of weekends. The museum in Kolhapur includes many famous antique pieces which are worth viewing and the collections of paintings include Indian and European styles that add a touch of colour to the museum.

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