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Major Attractions in Kutajevo

When you are planning a trip to Croatia, you might be wondering what the best attractions in Kutjevo are. Kutjevo is actually a cosmopolitan city in northern Croatia. It’s located in the Slavonia region of Croatia, southwest of Dubrovnik. If you’re a lover of history and culture, the Old Town in Kutjevo will captivate you.

Attractions in Kutjevo

The Old Town in Kutjevo was the first European city to open the gateway to the Adriatic, allowing traders to cross from the east into the Adriatic. This is also the site of the first major European settlement, which was founded around the ninth century. There are many magnificent palaces and churches in this city, which have earned the name “Pavljeno tygra”.

If you love outdoor activities, then you won’t regret your visit to this city, which is also an excellent place to go hiking, mountain climbing, river rafting, camping and kayaking. There are beautiful beaches in the vicinity of Kutjevo, which makes the trip even more enjoyable. During your stay in Kutjevo, you can shop for local arts and crafts and partake in local festivals and events.

Another famous attraction in Kutjevo is the Blue Mosque. This is a beautiful historic building, which was constructed during the seventeenth century. Besides being a beautiful historic structure, the Blue Mosque is a fascinating museum as well. You’ll also find an interesting museum that showcases the works of three famous Croatian writers – Milan Kundera, Bohumil Hrabal and Milorad Veljani. The museum has recently won several awards, including the “Dalmatian Capital” title.

In addition to having a great deal of interesting things to see and do, Kutjevo is also famous for its delicious food. Besides the traditional dishes from Croatian cuisine, you can also try some authentic Turkish dishes and other international dishes, such as Chinese food. There are many great restaurants in Kutajevo that offer Mediterranean and international cuisines.

If you’re looking for a thrilling trip to experience a new culture, visit the Kutjevo city centre. Here, you will find two main attractions – the Krioska entertainment district and the Old Town. These destinations offer you beautiful sights, such as the 16th century Old Town with its fortress and cathedral, as well as the beautiful Vjetse Palace, which are famous for its interior design. These destinations are the most popular attractions in Kutajevo and should be included in any trips to Croatia.

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