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The Beauty of Traveling on Holiday to Obrovac

The town of Dubrovnik is the capital and largest city of the coastal region of Croatian referred to as Obrovac. It is situated on the sea side, facing the Adriatic sea. It is a well known tourist destination and has many nice beaches for a stay in Dubrovnik. If you’re looking to make the most out of your trip to the island of Croatia, consider taking a trip to the beautiful beach town of Akrotiri.

Akrotiri is a good place to start any trip to the island of Croatia if you’re looking for the best day trips to Croatia with plenty of scope for relaxation and enjoyment. The old town of the island is charming and offers an insight into the life of ordinary Croats. In fact, it is where the term “croatian” was first used. While on vacation in the old town, take the opportunity to visit the St. Peter’s Church and Cova Vica monasterium. Also, worth a visit are the Croatian Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral and the Ultimo la strada.

Most travelers to the island of Croatia start their trip by traveling through the Ljubljana region and turn left after passing through Rijeka. There are two great beaches for you to choose from when traveling through Ljubljana: Krkova Beaches or Cetina Beaches. Both offer wonderful day trips to Croatia and the island of Croatia’s most famous beaches are the Velindre Beach and Cetina Beach. You can’t go wrong with taking a trip to these two splendid beaches because they offer excellent facilities, wonderful beaches and a lot of action.

One of the must see locations in the national park of Croatia is Velindre. The national parks of Croatia also includes Velka Donavova, Kvarner, Rusev, Rijeka, Sibenik, Cerkno and Rogla. If you love late spring through early summer, don’t miss out on visiting the Zadar Valley. Some of the most beautiful landscapes in the country of Croatia are found in the region of Zadar and if you want to see a unique landscape that cannot be found anywhere else in the world, then take a trip to Zadar.

Another great attraction of a trip to Obrovac is the chance to visit the ancient towns of Cerkno and Rijeka. These two towns were among the first towns in the region of Croatia that became professional for shipping. When you visit these two cities, be sure to check out the beautiful Akrotiri Castle, the ruins of which are open for viewing. It is also possible to book a three-night stay at the castle.

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