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Top Tips For Traveling As a Solo Female

The smallest among all the picturesque European cities, Tirana, also happens to be one of the oldest. While many travelers visit this little slice of paradise, not many know much about this history or the culture that envelopes it. If you are looking for the next step in traveling Europe, then Tirana would be the ideal city to begin with. You can stay at one of the many Tirana resorts or can simply stay at one of the guesthouses scattered around the city.

The most common way to travel to Tirana is through the interconnecting train line that connects Tirana to the rest of Albania. For travelers that do not have extra money or time to invest in train tickets, there is another option to make your trip into this part of the world less costly. The travel guides that are available in most travel portals, both online and offline, include an itinerary of the most important sights, which are commonly included in the price of the Tirana trip. The Tirana itinerary is broken down into four key locations that you must visit during your trip to Tirana.

The first sight that must be on your itinerary when you plan your trip to Tirana would be the Historical Centre. This centre houses one of the oldest libraries in Tirana that contains a lot of interesting information about the communist regime that ruled the once thriving Tirana. Next to the Historical Centre, another must see is the Tirana Post. This shop sells almost anything that would be interesting to souvenir hunters. You can buy some unique Tirana photographs or souvenirs, including watches, shoes, bags, and much more.

A day trip to Tirana’s Little Italy is also a good idea if you want to experience Tirana’s cultural scene. This is also where you can find one of the most appealing fruit salads in the world. Other things to try in Little Italy include the Tirana cheese products, such as the Tirana Gavola, the Tirana caciocavallo, the Tirana Gorgonzola, and the Tirana macchiato. If you don’t like cheese but still want to taste Tirana’s other famous food items, then you may want to try the Tirana mussels, the Tirana fettuccini, or the Tirana con Bollard.

The second stop on your little Italy trip would be the picturesque little town of Salzburg, Austria’s leading wine producer. Known worldwide for its amazing selection of wines, Salzburg lies just near the Mediterranean Sea and is one of the most popular tourist destinations for people who would like to spend their vacation in an idyllic surrounding. In order to experience some of the best wine tasting in all of Austria, there are several good wine bars in Salzburg where you can enjoy a glass of wine with your meal.

After visiting all these popular locations in your little piece of Albania, there are many other interesting things to discover about this charming country. Whether you are travelling alone as a solo female traveler, or with your partner, you will not regret your trip to Tirana, Austria! And as you can see, there are plenty of things to do when it comes to travelling and experiencing some of the best Tirana Albania has to offer.

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