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Taking a Trip to Riyadh Al-Khabra

Taking a Trip to Riyadh Al-Khabra



It seems that there is a high level of security around the Saudi Arabia travel destination. There have been increased roadblocks set up by checkpoints and heavy military presence everywhere. The reason for this increase in security comes from the fact that bin Laden is still there. Currently though the focus turns to catching or killing him before he can strike at major US targets in the United States. No one is taking any chances with this situation because if bin Laden is shot or killed then there will be no more terrorist threat to the American people. For that reason security at all times is very high.


Right now, there are a number of security measures being implemented around the Saudis. There are metal fences along most of the country’s borders with another country. Security personnel are checking bags at airports and also at railway stations. Passports are also being closely scrutinized. It is not uncommon for people to be denied entry to certain areas or even to be detained.


It is common to see heavily armed guards everywhere. They are checking bags, private properties and people’s cars. The military is also doing similar screenings of ships at sea. All of these steps are taken as a means of ensuring that the kingdom’s security is guaranteed. No one is allowed to leave the country without reporting to the King and with good reason.


There is also a big focus on preventing the spread of jihads (suicide bombings of civilian populations). Currently, the king has issued a new decree that goes into effect once every month. That means if you plan to travel to any of Saudi Arabia country, then you are required to report to the king within a month. This is to ensure that if there is ever a danger of an attack of this type then authorities here would have known about it. Also included in this decree are restrictions on travel to Mecca and fasting during the Ramadan period.

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In terms of normal security for a visitor to Saudi Arabia, you will see that most areas are very heavily guarded. That includes Jeddah, the old capital, and other major cities like Mecca, Dubai, al-Aruba, and others. You are going to see that there are lots of security checkpoints everywhere and that there are huge numbers of security personnel Manning the streets. The reason for this is to prevent any kind of attack from occurring while you are outside of the mosque.


You will also see that women are strictly segregated from men when they are at the beach. You also have to realize that women need to wear long pants and long sleeves. They cannot be fully bare because that could cause a breach with Islamic law. You may also notice that there are plenty of security cameras all over the city so that if anything suspicious occurs you can easily be seen on the recording. These are all preventions against things like sexual assault and things of that nature.


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