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What Are Some Of The Most Attractions In Boktapewi?

Attractions in Bokhtar

What Are Some Of The Most Attractions In Boktapewi?

For a historic and cultural destination, you could never miss the most fascinating attraction in Bokhtar called as the Bokhara citadel. Bokhtari is now the capital of Bokistan that used to be its capital and dominant seat of power in earlier times. The town is extremely beautiful with lots of beautiful places and attractions to visit around. The Tajik people who are still living in Bokhara founded the fortress around which the fort is built. The citadel was constructed to defend the town from any foreign attack but today, it has become a tourist attraction spot mainly because of its historical value.

There is no doubt that the town is one of the must see destinations of Bokhara province. It is visited by a huge number of foreign tourists who like to get a glimpse of the old ways of life that is still continuing till date. The locals too love this place and make the town an important cultural centre of the region. You can find many antique shops, restaurants, bars and other such interesting places around the town.

Another prominent attraction is the Chashmuren Tomb, located at the center of Bokhara province. The tomb holds a special significance for the locals, as this is the place where their great grandfather was buried when they were little. This tomb is open to the public from mid April to mid October. There are different attractions that are organized on a regular basis here. You could take a trip to Bokhara desert by a camel safari or if you have some knowledge about trekking then you could go for trekking in Bokhara.

If you are a history buff, a trip to Bokhara would not be complete without paying a visit to the Museum. The museum has lots of valuable collections to choose from. It also house some of the original documents of Bokhara rulers. A good amount of time is given to each and every specimen that are on display. It is a good idea to plan your trip ahead and see what kind of things you would get to see. In case you are not sure about any particular thing, there are guides available at the museum who would give you a brief about that specific area.

Many places are close to Boktapewi. The best way to get to them is taking a bus or a train. Other than that, a car is also an option that you could hire from nearby towns. Whatever option you take, the trip will surely be something unique and different.

All these and many more attractions are waiting for you. You just need to explore them and have a lot of fun. Once you have explored all the major and minor attractions in Boktapewi, you would never look back. All these are just waiting for you!

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