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Deryneia Island Attractions in Greece

Attractions in Deryneia

Deryneia Island Attractions in Greece

Attractions in Deryneia are many and varied. It is situated on the east coast of Cyprus, at the southern tip of the Island. It is situated almost adjacent to the resort of Famagusta and is only a short drive from the sandy beaches of Karpas. The population of this village is approximately 5,757 and it constitutes a municipal council since 1994. The current mayor is Andros Karayanian.

In your trip to Deryneia there are many activities that you can enjoy. This is an active community full of sports enthusiasts. The sporting events include volleyball, tennis, American football, soccer, weightlifting, basketball and track and field. There is also a junior golf club. There are many beautiful gardens, parks and paths that make up the local nature reserve.

Deryneia has its own share of ancient history. It was here, in fact, that Hippocrates lived and many artifacts have been discovered in this ancient settlement. A popular attraction among tourists is the Roman Amphitheater, a reconstruction of what used to be the stadium for the Roman Olympics. Other ruins are to be found in various places all over Deryneia. The arch of Hadrian, a wall and remnants of public baths, among other things.

In Deryneia, you will not find a single shop but many small restaurants and cafes. It offers visitors the chance to sample local fare including meat, fish, vegetables, eggs and bread. You can also experience the authentic Cypriot cuisine, which is based on fish and cereal. The people of this area have a long standing history and have put many efforts into preserving their culture and traditions.

One of Deryneia’s main attractions is the Deryneia Beach. This is an eight kilometers sandy strip along the southern part of the Island. Deryneia Beach features an array of water sports facilities like jet skiing, windsurfing, kite surfing and parasailing. The beach offers great views of the crystal blue water. There are also many clubs and bars that are open all day long so you can enjoy yourself as much as possible.

As mentioned earlier, Deryneia Island has been a favorite destination for generations of vacationers. This island features some great gyms where you can work out to your heart’s content. You can enjoy some golf as well. In fact, it has been voted as the best golf destination on earth by Golf Digest. This island is sure to give you and your family an unforgettable experience.

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